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An Open Letter to President Scarborough


Dear President Scarborough The Akron chapter of the American Association of University Professors has commissioned an analysis of The Unive …
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Contract Negotiations Update: April 9, 2015


The Akron-AAUP negotiating team has met several times with representatives of The University of Akron to negotiate the next collective barga …
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OCAAUP 2015 Higher Education Report


“Scarce resources are being siphoned away from the real purpose of the university: education. It is unconscionable to allow students to ac …
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Negotiations For Contract 4.0 Are Scheduled to Begin


The Akron-AAUP Negotiating team can report that formal contract talks with representatives of The University of Akron are now scheduled to b …
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Update on UA Faculty Workload Issue


The Akron-AAUP has been working toward resolution of long-standing uncertainty surrounding how faculty workload is assigned.  The Akron-AAU …
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From our newsletter: Budget Crisis at UA – FYI


As you have doubtless heard, the administration's preliminary budget for next year calls for nearly $15 million in cuts, with $9.1 million t …