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Frequently Asked Questions: Contract Negotiations and a Faculty Strike


February 15, 2016 Why are we considering a strike? What are the issues at stake? The larger issues at stake are the quality of education at &hellip;
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The Akron-AAUP Response to Jon Pavloff's Vote of No Confidence Comments


The following is the official statement released to the media on Friday by the Akron-AAUP in response to comments made by Chairman of the Bo &hellip;
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Akron General Medical Center and health care for faculty at The University of Akron


UA faculty and other employees have received a number of emails recently concerning The University of Akron, Apex, and the loss of Akron G &hellip;
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Analysis of The University of Akron Financial Status


In preparation for contract negotiations The Akron-AAUP commissioned Rudy Fichtenbaum, Professor of Economics at Wright State and President &hellip;
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Contract Negotiations Update: April 9, 2015


The Akron-AAUP negotiating team has met several times with representatives of The University of Akron to negotiate the next collective barga &hellip;
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Negotiations For Contract 4.0 Are Scheduled to Begin


The Akron-AAUP Negotiating team can report that formal contract talks with representatives of The University of Akron are now scheduled to b &hellip;