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To University of Akron students from the UA faculty association –The Akron-AAUP


You have undoubtedly heard or read about a lot of changes that are occurring at The University of Akron. We want to assure you that your pat …
Akron AAUP

A Very Sad Day at The University of Akron


July 27 was a sad day at the University of Akron. We learned that 213 staff positions were cut. One hundred sixty-one of these were existing …
Akron AAUP

UA as Polytechnic…


Excerpt from the June 19 newsletter: Clearly, in spite of the marketing strategy, UA faculty, students, alumni, and community members alread …
Akron AAUP

A Letter from The President of The Ohio AFL-CIO


Our thanks to Mr. Tim Burga, President of the Ohio AFL-CIO, for his letter of support. And thanks to all members of other unions and chapter …
Akron AAUP

To Governor Kasich


Governor Kasich, With all due respect we ask you to exert all the influence you have over your colleagues on the Ohio House Finance Committe …
Akron AAUP

A Letter from Akron-AAUP's Legal Counsel to Ohio's House Finance Committee on HB 64


We write in support of the removal of the provisions in Sub. H.B. No. 64, pending in the House Finance Committee, which would amend Ohio Re …