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UA's Program Review Gets National Attention


"But when faced with any conflicting priorities, our administrators typically view everything in terms of either-or choices. Where are the i …
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Program Review and the Role of Faculty in Shared Governance


From The Akron-AAUP Newsletter: February 17, 2014 On Tuesday, February 4th, the University of Akron administration issued a memo to the Dea …
Akron AAUP

A Change in Leadership: Onward and Upward For Our Colleagues and Friends, Mike Cheung and Dave Witt


Faculty members at UA may often take for granted many qualities of academic life: academic freedom, shared governance related to evaluating …
Akron AAUP

Response to the Administration’s Call to Examine Faculty Workload


By now most of our academic community has heard the administration’s call for faculty and staff to examine work habits and to do better, b …
Akron AAUP

Contract Negotiations Update


On December 3rd the Akron-AAUP negotiating team, in keeping with the terms of the collecting bargaining agreement, served notice to the Univ …
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Updating Our Communications


From the November 2012 chapter newsletter: The Akron-AAUP Communications Committee is switching to a new and more efficient system for deliv …