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Commentary on UA from Local and National Sources


Below are excerpts from various recent editorial and news pieces concerning events at UA. Click the links to read the entire texts. Challeng …
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UA as Polytechnic…


Excerpt from the June 19 newsletter: Clearly, in spite of the marketing strategy, UA faculty, students, alumni, and community members alread …
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Akron-AAUP Newsletter: Re-branding is not the only solution to UA's enrollment issues


"To become a great public institution The University of Akron must emulate the most successful universities: It must invest in educational s …
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Other than online degree programs, this could be the biggest boondoggle ever foisted upon Ohio's college students


From the blog City Beat: Excerpts from: Robin Hood in Reverse:  How universities force working-class students to pay thousands of dollars …
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Well, so much for the success of profit-oriented online education "providers"…


https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2015/04/27/corinthian-ends-operations-remaining-campuses-affecting-16000-students …
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The University of Phoenix "Model" for Higher Education: Right For UA?


Once again the call for more online education at the University of Akron is out. For years we've heard of a desire by some top administrator …