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What's Needed to Keep College Costs Reasonable? Empowered faculty!


From commentary by Mr. Robert Martin in the online edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Reason and data alike suggest that the lar …
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The Future of Faculty at UA – What We Know About Workload


Everyone knows by now that faculty workload is the hot topic on campus. Changes are being discussed, proposed, and most importantly, impleme …
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Here's a Simple Formula For You To Consider


The number of higher-level administrators at the University of Akron has continued to increase.  Recall last year there were THREE more adm …
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Response to the Administration’s Call to Examine Faculty Workload


By now most of our academic community has heard the administration’s call for faculty and staff to examine work habits and to do better, b …
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It's Pretty Simple


The Administration grows And the faculty shrink, Now University finances Are on the brink.... …
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Contract Negotiations Update


On December 3rd the Akron-AAUP negotiating team, in keeping with the terms of the collecting bargaining agreement, served notice to the Univ …