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FEAR: A Management "Strategy"


Fear, Divide and Conquer, Keep 'em Guessing. Meet with committees to foster the illusion of employee input and a share of governance. Promis …
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New Academic World: From the Toledo Blade


Our colleagues at the University of Toledo also face the effects and aftermath of yet another "strategic plan."  Read about it in this edi …
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Why I Paid My Dues: An open letter to my colleagues


This is the text of a letter provided to us by a colleague, now retired, immediately after Akron-AAUP was certified as the faculty represent …
Akron AAUP

Too "blue collar" for your tastes? Think you don't need to support a faculty union? Well, maybe not….


Here is a link to a flier we distributed during our long and hard-fought card campaign.  We think a lot of it is still applicable today. If …
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