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Final Text of New Collective Bargaining Agreement


The University of Akron and The Akron-AAUP have agreed to the final form and language of the third collective bargaining agreement.  All ne …
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A Change in Leadership: Onward and Upward For Our Colleagues and Friends, Mike Cheung and Dave Witt


Faculty members at UA may often take for granted many qualities of academic life: academic freedom, shared governance related to evaluating …
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Liaison Council And Chapter Meetings in October


FALL 2013 LIAISON ELECTION AND MEETING As required by our Akron AAUP constitution, the full dues-paying faculty in each department must elec …
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Contract Ratification


The poll is now closed for the contract ratification vote. The membership of Akron-AAUP has ratified the agreement which will now go before …
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Joint Announcement from Akron-AAUP and UA


The Administration of The University of Akron and the Akron Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (Akron-AAUP) jointl …
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Faculty are not the cause of tuition increases


A letter to the editor of the Columbus Dispatch in response to an article on rising costs of a college education.  Read the brief letter by …