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What Is The Faculty Union Doing About….?


This is a question we get from time to time.  It's a fair question.  It's an important question.  Here's a link to a previous post addres …
Akron AAUP

Akron-AAUP Begins Preparations For Contract Negotiations


From the November 2012 chapter newsletter: In anticipation of an early Spring semester start for contract negotiations, twelve of your colle …
Akron AAUP

Fall 2012 Chapter Meeting: For Full Dues-Paying Members


Please plan to attend the Fall 2012 Chapter Meeting Oct. 17th, Wed. 3-5 pm in Student Union Ballroom E Refreshments will be provided Plans …
Akron AAUP

More on Online Courses: Does UA Want to Move in This Direction?


We post a link to this article in The Chronicle for the benefit of those administrators who may believe that an increasingly online presence …
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