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Negotiations Update: Faculty Salaries For AY 2014-15

Faculty, no doubt, will have observed the lack of a pay raise for academic year 2014-15. The collective bargaining agreement requires a reopener to negotiate this year’s salary increases during upcoming negotiations of the next contract.

Our agreement expires June 30, 2015; formal negotiations must begin no later than 75 days prior to the expiration of the current agreement (approximately mid-April) and may begin any time after January 1st. While formal talks have not yet begun, Akron-AAUP’s Chief Negotiator, Kevin Kreider, has been meeting informally with representatives of the administration to discuss the kinds of amendments the chapter will be seeking and how these subjects may best be approached.

It is not a foregone conclusion that there will be no salary increases for the current year.The contract legally mandates good-faith bargaining on the issue and the subject will be one of the first we take up when formal talks begin.

The Akron-AAUP is prepared to begin negotiations immediately.

February 04, 2015