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The Negotiating Team has made substantial progress in January on many aspects of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. For a number of articles, the administration and the AAUP negotiators have agreed to keep the language of the current contract. This is especially important, because it means that some unpalatable suggestions have been pushed back, such as a diminished faculty role in governance, an easier path for UA to “retrench,” or a new “post-tenure review” process for tenured faculty. Article 29, regarding NTT faculty, has had significant, largely positive changes. Other articles have had relatively minor tweaks to clarify issues.  

Out of the 33 articles of our current Collective Bargaining Agreement, only five articles remain to be resolved. As expected, these include the big issues of compensation and benefits, along with several other articles. The administration has responded to our proposals for compensation and benefits. Our Akron-AAUP negotiators are in the process of countering the University’s woefully inadequate economic proposals.

At the moment the two sides are far apart.  Negotiations continue, but if impasse is reached, these key issues will go to fact-finding. Be on the lookout for a negotiation update in the next two weeks that will detail the outcomes of current negotiation efforts along with our next steps.

As mentioned in our communication last week, only union members may participate in votes to authorize a strike or ratify the new contract.

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