Akron AAUP Protecting Academic Freedom For a Free Society
The University of Akron Chapter |
American Association of University Professors

The achievements of Akron-AAUP include:

  • A faculty voice in University affairs, especially selection of chairs, deans, the provost, and the president.
  • Pay raises and benefit packages that compare favorably to contracts of our sister institutions in the state.
  • A fair grievance process that includes representation by Akron-AAUP’s grievance committee and, when needed, our attorney.
  • Faculty input in the Professional Development Leave approval process.
  • Improved language for NTT faculty workloads and merit/reappointment/promotion processes.
  • Faculty pay for the development of online classes.
  • A mechanism for retiree reemployment.

Your membership dues allow us to:

  • Hire legal representation during contract negotiations to ensure that negotiations benefit you the most (remember the University uses not only its in-house attorneys but spends considerable funds for external legal representation).
  • Hire medical benefits experts to advise us every time the administration seeks to change our benefits plan.
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to hundreds of concerns and grievances on behalf of ALL bargaining unit faculty .
  • Take unresolved grievances to arbitration, and pay for legal representation for the memberes involved.
  • Preserve tenure (without a requirement for post-tenure review), PDLs, merit and promotion raises, and the ownership of our intellectual property.
  • Enable faculty to have a voice in the direction of our University, and a place at the table via shared governance.
  • Protect the academic freedom of all UA faculty.