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The University of Akron Chapter |
American Association of University Professors

Grievance Committee

Mark Rittenour, Grievance Officer
Professor of Instruction, Communication
Phone: 330.972.2459
e-mail: mark.rittenour@akronaaup.org

Dr. Russell K. Davis III, Executive Director and Grievance Administrator
University of Akron Chapter, AAUP
185 E. Mill Street, Suite 101A
Akron, OH 44325
Phone: 330.972.6131
e:mail: russ.davis@akronaaup.org
Fax: 330.972.2143

Communications Committee

John Zipp, Chair
Professor, Sociology
Email: communications@akronaaup.org

Faculty Engagement Team

McKenna Vietmeier, Chair
Assistant Professor of Instruction, Communication
Email: mckenna.vietmeier@akronaaup.org