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American Association of University Professors

As detailed in our constitution, each unit is eligible to have one departmental liaison. Departmental Liaisons are advocates for the needs of their departments, schools, or
equivalent units, resources for faculty seeking union-related information, and the persons to
whom faculty may take concerns and complaints.

  1. Among a liaison’s duties are:
    keeping an up-to-date membership list of faculty in the department or area and informing
    the Akron-AAUP office of the names and current addresses for all new hires, retirees,
    departing faculty, and faculty taking sabbatical or other leave;
  2. serving as a first point of contact for faculty in a department with grievance issues,
    maintaining contact with the Akron-AAUP Contract and Grievance Administrator
    concerning faculty grievances, plus notifying the Contract and Grievance Administrator
    of any potential problems;
  3.  serving on the Departmental Liaisons Council;
  4.  helping to form, with the Executive Committee, study groups to research contract issues
    and proposals;
  5.  communicating with other members of the Departmental Liaisons Council about faculty
    concerns and ideas that should be brought to the attention of the Departmental Liaisons
    Council and Executive Committee;
  6. communicating with colleagues by contacting newly hired faculty in the department or
    area about the Akron-AAUP, its activities, and membership information; distributing
    newsletters, minutes of Akron-AAUP meetings, and other important information to
    colleagues; and presiding over Akron-AAUP meetings within a department whenever
  7. attending and encouraging colleagues to attend Akron-AAUP meetings;
  8. participating in activities related to contract negotiations as specified in Article XII (B) of the Akron-AAUP Constitution.

All Departmental Liaisons are members of the Liaison Council; each October, the Liaison Council elects two of its members to serve as Liaison Representatives to the Executive Committee. Our current Liaison Representatives are:

Randall Mitchell, Professor


Scott Bible, Associate Professor of Practice