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Why become a member of Akron-AAUP?

Former Akron-AAUP Vice President John Huss shares his perspective on the importance of the Union. https://youtu.be/Kvv7HZXEnro

As a member of the bargaining unit, you will enjoy and support the protections and assurances that the collective bargaining agreement guarantees you. These protections, many of which are not guaranteed without a collective bargaining agreement, were negotiated by your colleagues on the Akron-AAUP Negotiation Team. By being a member, you financially support the chapter’s continued ability to negotiate on your behalf.

Our chapter has negotiated:

  • A faculty voice in University affairs, especially selection of chairs, deans, the provost, and the president
  • Fair pay raises and benefit packages that compare favorably to contracts of our sister institutions in the state
  • A fair grievance process that includes representation by Akron-AAUP’s grievance committee and, when needed, our attorney
  • Faculty input in the Professional Development Leave approval process
  • Improved language for NTT faculty workloads and merit/reappointment/promotion processes
  • Faculty pay for the development of online classes
  • A mechanism for retiree reemployment

The value of higher education is eroded by the disrespect and ignorance of public officials and often as well by the decisions of the university administration. Years of administrative waste and negligence have resulted in a series of financial crises. Support for research as waned, programs are in dire need of faculty, and many feel overwhelmed by the amount of service they feel compelled to perform. Decisions are often made without sufficient consultation with the faculty. And time and time again, when the administration’s ineptitude damages the university’s finances, the academic units bear the brunt of the cuts. The burden of budgetary shortfalls is placed on colleges and departments– on you. As individuals, there’s not much we can do to change this, but together, we can exert pressure on the administration and board to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to students and taxpayers to prioritize the academic mission.

Full membership, with voting rights, is always voluntary and requires submission of the membership form. Your membership in the chapter will provide the national and state organizations with the resources it needs to continue to defend the rights of university scholars. As a member, you are also eligible to vote on the next contract, and to run and vote for all elected positions in Akron-AAUP. You and your students are the lifeblood of this university. It is the faculty, after all, who have made a lifetime commitment to the University of Akron and our community. We will do whatever it takes to make the administration acknowledge that. But the reality is we are as strong as our membership, and we need your support. Join Akron-AAUP today, and get involved. It’s hard work and it’s work worth doing.

Membership and Dues Payment Form*

Fill in the information below to join Akron AAUP. Please withhold my Akron-AAUP dues via payroll deduction in nine (9) installments (September – May) for faculty on 9-month appointment, or twelve (12) installments (July – June) for faculty on twelve 12 month contracts.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

* Membership is annual, by the academic year, and renews automatically in the autumn. Full time teaching faculty, with the exception of "Visiting" and Law School faculty are eligible for AAUP membership.  See the CBA for details.

Membership Dues*

Salary Monthly Cost: 9 month faculty (dues = .75% of salary) Monthly Cost: 12 month faculty (dues=.75% of salary)
$40,000 $33.33 $25.00
$60,000 $50.00 $37.50
$80,000 $66.67 $50.00
$100,000 $83.33 $62.50
$120,000 $100.00 $75.00
Open Letter Akron-AAUP

Why I Paid My Dues: an open letter to my colleagues

This is the text of a letter provided to us by a colleague, now retired from the University of Akron, immediately after Akron-AAUP was certified as the faculty representative in collective bargaining. We post it here as we can find nothing that doesn't still apply.

Read Letter

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