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You may have already heard about the national AAUP’s proposed affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). The main purpose of this affiliation is to strengthen both organizations and the professionals they represent. You can read the tentative agreement here; it will be voted on by delegates at the AAUP Conference and Biennial Meeting which will take place June 16-19.

We believe it’s important that our members understand the intent and potential impact of this affiliation. AAUP has posted information on its website that members can access, but we will summarize the main points here:

  • AAUP will still remain an autonomous organization. Its mission will not change. AAUP is not simply a labor union, but a professional organization that advocates for academic freedom, shared governance, and the advancement of the profession. 
  • AAUP member dues will not increase as a result of this affiliation.
  • Your Akron-AAUP chapter contract, constitution, leadership, and staff will all remain unchanged and under our local control.
  • AAUP collective bargaining chapter members will have access to AFT resources and member benefits.
  • AAUP chapters will be eligible to receive AFT grant funding.
  • As a labor union that represents teachers and college/university faculty nationwide, AFT has greater resources and power to influence legislation and strengthen the position of AAUP’s collective bargaining chapters. This is critical, especially in light of recent legislative challenges to university funding and academic freedom.

As your chapter, we want to remain completely transparent and responsive to our members’ input. Our delegates to the AAUP conference and biennial meeting are Toni Bisconti and Jenny Stanley. Please reach out to either of them individually to provide any thoughts or ask questions. You may also send a message to information@akronaaup.org.

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