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"Public Research Universities Are Being Undermined by Bogus Financial Crises"


Some excerpts from an online article on the Huff Post College site. The authors are David A. Sanders, Associate Professor of Biological Sci …
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Other than online degree programs, this could be the biggest boondoggle ever foisted upon Ohio's college students


From the blog City Beat: Excerpts from: Robin Hood in Reverse:  How universities force working-class students to pay thousands of dollars …
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To Governor Kasich


Governor Kasich, With all due respect we ask you to exert all the influence you have over your colleagues on the Ohio House Finance Committe …
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Letter From OC-AAUP President John McNay to Governor Kasich


John McVay, President of The Ohio Conference of AAUP sent the following letter to Ohio Governor John Kasich. Dear Gov. Kasich: I am writing …
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Something Akron-AAUP Has Been Pointing Out For Years–The Cost of Administrative Bloat.


 "The Troubling Dean-to-Professor Ratio"  by  John Hechinger  from Bloomberg Businessweek, Politics and Policy, online. "The number of P …
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What's Needed to Keep College Costs Reasonable? Empowered faculty!


From commentary by Mr. Robert Martin in the online edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Reason and data alike suggest that the lar …