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Follow the Money


The core of the current disagreement we have with the University of Akron (UA) Administration centers on the University’s finances. Their …
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How NOT to become "A Great University"


http://doonesbury.washingtonpost.com/strip/archive/2015/09/06 …
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Nice work if you can get it…


Excerpts from a story by Karen Farkas on Cleveland .com "Former University of Akron President Luis Proenza will not return to the classroo …
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What UA spends on athletics and how the university pays for it….


Excerpts from an article by Rich Exner at cleveland.com: University of Akron tops Ohio MAC schools in sports spending and athletic debt, bu …
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Commentary on UA from Local and National Sources


Below are excerpts from various recent editorial and news pieces concerning events at UA. Click the links to read the entire texts. Challeng …
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According to an Independent Report Full Time Faculty Salaries Are Not Responsible For Rising Tuition Costs


According to a recent statement by university officials staffing the university with nothing but full-time faculty would necessitate a tuiti …