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Together We Rise


President Miller’s latest communication presents the Administration's perspective on the University’s budget. We trust you, our colleag &hellip;

Chapter Grievance and Response


Akron-AAUP has filed a grievance and a response to the administration. We will keep our members informed as the arbitration process unfold &hellip;

Akron-AAUP Corrects the University’s Response on Athletics


In their response to Akron-AAUP’s Position Paper on Athletics, the University made a number of claims which we would like to comment on.  &hellip;

Reductions to Athletics – Your Union Responds


&nbsp; Communication to Bargaining Unit Faculty, May 18, 2020 The University of Akron just announced $4.4 &hellip;

Response to President Miller’s announcement


Dear Colleagues, With you, we at the Akron-AAUP heard President Miller’s announcement to the university and community today. These are ch &hellip;

Response to Announcement of Provost Search


Dear Colleagues, I am pleased that President Miller has taken seriously the feedback he's received from the faculty. The Chapter supports h &hellip;