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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased that President Miller has taken seriously the feedback he’s received from the faculty. The Chapter supports his decision to move forward as quickly as possible with a search for a new provost, followed by searches for permanent leadership in colleges that currently have interim deans in place. I look forward to working with the board again on this search. As I’ve already said publicly, I thought that the presidential search process went well, and I am especially encouraged that the provost search will be led by a respected faculty member. I think that this demonstrates respect for the faculty on our campus.

While the Chapter has expressed concerns to the administration that the current “split position” in the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) will continue until a new provost is in place, we have been assured that there will be clearer roles for the chief academic officer and chief administrative officer respectively. I am confident that, under President Miller’s leadership, OAA will function adequately in the short-term.

In solidarity,

Pam Schulze
President, Akron-AAUP


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