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An Open Letter to the Wright State University Board of Trustees:


I am writing this letter as President of the University of Akron Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, which represe …
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Taking Collective Action to Defend our Schools


By Ben Ratliffe, Our AAUP Organizer Sometime between today and June, the US Supreme Court decide, in the Janus v. AFSCME case, whether or n …
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The FACTS about the Administration’s Spending Priorities


Akron-AAUP had Dr Rudy Fichtenbaum, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Wright State University, conduct an analysis of The University of Akr …
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From "Thoughts in the Presence of Fear" by Wendell Berry


Thoughts like these ought to be at the center of any thinking about "strategic initiatives." "The complexity of our present trouble suggests …
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"Public Research Universities Are Being Undermined by Bogus Financial Crises"


Some excerpts from an online article on the Huff Post College site. The authors are David A. Sanders, Associate Professor of Biological Sci …
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Former UA Board Member: UA board suffers from ‘group think’


Excerpts from an editorial piece in the Akron Beacon Journal by former UA Board member, and retired Summit County Judge, Jane Bond "The facu …
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