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We noticed some news coverage has been missing from UA’s Daily News Updates. We’ll do our best to keep an updated list of news links here.

Akron Beacon Journal:  Michael Dowling, fired from FirstEnergy amid HB6 scandal, resigns from University of Akron board

Chronicle.com:  Colleges Envisioned a Near-Normal Fall Semester. Then Came the Delta Variant.

Akron Beacon Journal:  A year after layoffs, the University of Akron looks to move forward, with some issues unresolved

Akron Beacon Journal:  Stimulus Funds Boost University of Akron’s Budget

Insidehighered.com:  AAUP finds major erosion of shared governance during COVID-19

BGfalconmedia.com:  Universities see decrease in tenured faculty members

Thenation.com:  Platforms Like Canvas Play Fast and Loose with Students’ Data

Mcsweeneys.net:  Alternative Teaching Modalities in Hell – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Truthout.org:  Colleges Are Using COVID as an Excuse for Austerity. Unions Are Pushing Back.

Academe Blog:  Enlighten the gaslit with a new Guidebook

Take Action: Scholars for a New Deal in Education https://scholarsforanewdealforhighered.org

Forbes.com:  Colleges Short of Cash: Sell the Campus?

New York Times: Disenfranchised Grief in a Year of Pandemic Losses

WKSU News:  After a Difficult Year, University of Akron Faculty Have New Long-term Contract

Cleveland.com:  University of Akron approves new six-year contract with faculty

Akron Beacon Journal:  University of Akron trustees approve new contract with faculty

AcadameBlog.org:  Governance Investigation Update

Akron Beacon Journal:  Here’s what we know about The University of Akron’s pivotal new contract with faculty

Twitter.com:  Decades of underfunding for higher education have created an “impoverished academic profession” as well as large amounts of student debt and racial disparities in access, said AAUP prez @imulvey Groups Call for ‘New Deal for Higher Education’

Cleveland.com: Kent State will restore salary reductions prompted by the pandemic

Chronicle of Higher Education:  Higher Ed Faces a Long and Uneven Recovery, Ratings Agencies Warn

WSUGuardian.com:  WSU Faculty Union Raises Concerns About Budget and COO

Akron Beacon Journal:  FirstEnergy fires CEO Chuck Jones after 2 plead guilty in Householder bribery scheme

Akron Beacon Journal:  University of Akron Rejects ‘Interference’ by National Union Following Faculty Layoffs

Inside Higher Ed:  Faculty Group Will Investigate U of Akron

New York Times:  The Virus Moved Female Faculty to the Brink. Will Universities Help?

New York Times: Colleges Slash Budgets in the Pandemic, With ‘Nothing Off-Limits’

Mediate.com:  Weaponization of COVID-19: Faux Force Majeure Infects Labor Arbitration

Akron Beacon Journal:  Two University of Akron foundations to buy out former president’s contract for $850,000

Akron Beacon Journal:  Luis Proenza Retire Ending University of Akron Contract Early Owed Him Millions

ContractProfBlog:  University of Akron’s Invocation of Force Majeure

Crain’s Cleveland.com:  The University of Akron in recent years has cut its budget, its faculty and its program offerings, and all of that has put the institution on better footing in terms of its current enrollment size, board chair Joe Gingo says.







Akron Beacon Journal:  Professors’ union pledges to investigate University of Akron faculty layoffs

Akron Beacon Journal:  Faculty Trust Eroded after University of Akron Layoffs Covid-19

Fingerlakes1.com:  Keuka College defends decision process for cutting faculty due to COVID-19  What happened at @uakron is a Horrible Warning @aaup

HEADLINEWEALTH.COM:  Is College Football an Expensive Luxury for Many Universities?

Spectrumnews1.com:  University of Akron Faculty Layoffs to go Forward

Cleveland.com:  Arbitrator Sides with U of Akron in Layoff of Nearly 100 Faculty

Akron Beacon Journal:  U of Akron Faculty lose Arbitration Case – 67 Faculty Laid Off

WKSU.org:  Union President Grieves after Arbitrator Allows UA Layoffs

Inside Higher Ed:  Arbitrator sides with U of Akron Faculty Layoffs

Academe Blog:  At the U of Akron, It is Time for Equitable Sacrifice

Akron Beacon Journal:  University of Akron Faculty Union File Dueling Briefs in Arbitration Over Layoffs

Akron Beacon Journal:  University of Akron Reports 15 New Covid-19 Cases

The Daily Record:  Students return to changed Wayne College with Fewer Instructors

Akron Beacon Journal:  University of Akron launches group to consider cost-saving measures for athletics

Salt Lake City (KUTV) – U of U Furloughs Every Employee in Athletic Department, Coaches and AD Included

Akron Beacon Journal: UA and Faculty Need to Find Solutions Quickly

Akron Beacon Journal: University of Akron Students Return to Campus In Person and Online

Akron Beacon Journal: The University of Akron Must Decide What It Wants to Be.

Cleveland.com: University of Akron Faculty Survey Shows Concerns about Financial Transparency and Decision Making

Cleveland.com: Electric Scooters Coming to the University of Akron Campus

Cleveland.com: University of Akron paying more Ethan $400,000 for two former presidents to teach during budget crisis.

WCPN: Idea Stream Performing Arts Hit Hard. Arts Cuts at University of Akron Raise Concerns

The Guardian: Outrage as Coronavirus Prompts Universities and Colleges to Shed Staff (Sue Ramlo interviewed)

WKSU: View from Pluto: Postponing MAC Football is a Chance to Fix a Broken System

Why Big-Time College Football Is Likely on the Verge of Becoming Sears

Labor Notes: Akron Professors Vote No Hit List  (by Ian McCullough)

Save Ohio Higher Education Coalition Formed: https://www.ohiostateaaup.org/save-ohio-higher-ed.html

Intercollegiate Athletics: The Coming Financial Reckoning

ABJ: AAUP Calls on Trustees and President to Rescind Layoffs or Resign: https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200728/national-professors-union-launches-campaign-calling-for–ua-trustees-president-to-rescind-cuts-or-resign 

Idea Stream: University of Akron will Use Hybrid Learning Model for Fall Semester 

Akron Beacon Journal: University of Akron Soccer Hungry for Bounce Back Season Disappointed, Zips Face Uncertainty

Akron Beacon Journal: UA Psychology Cuts Will Hurt Students University and Community.

WKYC: MAC Cancels Fall Football Season

Cleveland.com: Money Games Going Away. Time for the Mid-American Conference to Face Reality about Football Budgets

Akron Beacon Journal: University of Akron Football Player Tests Positive for Coronavirus

CNBC: Will College Football Happen? What A Lost Season Means for NCAA Economy 

Akron Beacon Journal: University of Akron Faculty Senate Calls for Resignation of Board of Trustees 

Cleveland.com: Who are the First Energy Employees Referenced by Title  in Ohio Political Corruption Complaint  [Includes UA Board of Trustees member Michael Dowling]

Akron Beacon Journal: University of Akron Faculty Vote Against Contract Ratification: Legal Battle Ahead

History News Network: University of Akron Loses Almost a Quarter of its Faculty.

Cleveland.com: University of Akron Faculty Union Rejects Contract that Includes Layoffs.

WKSU: University of Akron’s Faculty Union Rejects Contract

WCPN/WVIZ Idea Stream: University of Akron Faculty Union Rejects Contract

Crisis looming U.S. Colleges, not just because of the pandemic. NBC News/ Heringer Report

Akron Represents a Crisis. It Is Not an Anomaly.

Akron-AAUP Chapter Members Reject Proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement


UA Cuts “winningest coach” https://www.beaconjournal.com/opinion/20200802/column-winningest-coach-and-team-in-ua-history-cut

The Utter Devastation of Wayne College—The University of Akron’s Only Regional Campus

House Democrats Call for UA to Rescind Cuts https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200731/ohio-house-democrats-call-for-university-of-akron-to-rescind-cuts

The University of Akron: Why We Cannot Just Move Along as if Nothing Happened Here



Forbes: university-of-akrons-budget-bloodbath-and-what-the-latest-faculty-cuts-say-about-its-commitment-to-education


Academe Blog: just-how-dire-is-the-university-of-akrons-financial-condition?






The University of Akron Hit List: Who Are We?


Letter from State Leaders:  https://twitter.com/AkronAAUP/status/1289205491432792066


https://medium.com/@johnmcnay/university-of-akron-faculty-in-fight-to-defend-quality-higher-education-aaup-calls-for-325abe1038c3  by John McNay

Inside Higher Education reports on the “blood bath” at UA.  

Akron Beacon Journal reports that UA is “gutting” programs. 

Chronicle of Higher Education reports that UA lost almost a quarter of its faculty.

Forbes Newspaper reports on UA as laying off the highest number of faculty of the many universities and colleges who are firing tenured faculty.

WKSU reports on the opposing viewpoints in the Akron-AAUP members ratification process. 

A US News article about COVID-19 and the layoffs of faculty. 

An Akron Beacon Journal article about the effect of the RIF on UA’s programs. 

A piece by Sue Ramlo about the faculty on the RIF list, published in the Blog for Academe Magazine.

Alum & urban planner mentions UA’s “voracious appetite for real-estate” and lists properties owned by UA in this ABJ commentary

A post in the Blog of Academe Magazine from John McNay, President of the Ohio Conference.

Dance and Theatre Professors question the future of UA programs in an ABJ article.

A WAKR interview with Pam Schulze, Akron-AAUP President. 

Akron Beacon Journal story: University of Akron faculty yell “protect our students” as trustees vote to eliminate almost 100 full-time faculty. 

Akron Beacon Journal story: “this is not a drill.”

Akron Beacon Journal story: president threatens faculty with more cuts if they do not vote to ratify. 

Akron Beacon Journal reports on admin’s plan to implement “substantial reduction in force.”

WKSU piece covering Akron-AAUP car parade and rally. 

Akron Beacon Journal article: faculty fear permanency. 













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