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What To Do If You Think You Have A Grievance

Contact the Akron-AAUP grievance committee at grievance@akronaaup.org.  The University of Akron and Akron-AAUP have negotiated and refined a clear process for resolving issues that arise. We can often tell you immediately if your problem rises to the level of a grievance.

The grievance process protects all bargaining unit faculty, not just dues-paying members of Akron-AAUP.  All faculty members are entitled to use the grievance procedure and to receive Akron-AAUP’s support when they do so.

Remember that a grievance is defined in Article 12 of the contract as any dispute “with respect to the interpretation, application, or violation of any of the provisions of [the]  Agreement”.

A formal grievance must be filed within 20 days after the problem occurred, or after you became aware or should have become aware of the problem.  It is important to keep records and date receipt documents you receive from representatives of the administration.

A grievance must state the events upon which it is based, cite the specific provisions of the Agreement which have been violated, and specify the desired outcome.

Many matters can be resolved by the timely intervention of Akron-AAUP, often without the filing of a grievance.  Let us know as soon as you think you have a problem.

See the contract language on Grievance on the chapter website here.     

All bargaining unit members have the right to representation. Learn more.

Contact the Grievance Committee at grievance@akronaaup.org with questions.