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2023 MOA – AAUP (1)Click the links below to view the current contract and MOUs:



MOU regarding Article 15

(right of first consideration for part-time teaching)

Shared Governance MOU

2023 MOA – AAUP (1)Ad-hoc Program Investment Criteria Committee

Contract Negotiations Updates

We have two ratified CBAs; the first expires December 31, 2023, and the second CBA expires on June 30, 2026.  Contract negotiations updates will be posted as there are new developments to share.

What is the Contract?

Contrary to a common misperception, the current contract is not “the Union’s contract.” The document represents an agreement on every point therein by both the administration and the faculty of The University of Akron.

The collective bargaining agreements are in effect now through June 30, 2026.

Frequently Asked Questions

Previous Contracts

CONTRACT 4.5: Agreement in effect through December 31, 2020

CONTRACT 4.0: Agreement in effect from July 2015 through June 2016

CONTRACT 3.0: Agreement in effect from December 2013 through July 2015

Click HERE for a copy of the text of the recently expired contract 3.0.

This collective bargaining agreement expired June 30th. The Akron-AAUP and The University of Akron agreed to a day-to-day extension of the agreement until negotiations concluded.  This extension is now expired.

Contract 2.0: Agreement in effect from December 15, 2009 through December 15, 2013.

Click HERE for a copy of the entire text of Contract 2.0

Not sure where to look in the contract for specific information? The file includes an embedded index which should speed up a search of the document (this will depend on your software and operating system.)

Form: Affirmation of Same Sex Domestic Partner Benefits

Form: Affirmation of Termination of Same Sex Domestic Partner Benefits

Form: Declaration of Tax Status for Same Sex Domestic Partnership

U.S. Department of Labor: Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under FMLA

Contract 1.0: Agreement in effect from Dec 6, 2005 through December 15, 2009

Click HERE for a copy of the first collective bargaining agreement.

MOUs – Previous and Current

Academic Pay MOU 2023

MOU on Academic Review Guidelines 2022

MOU on Lateral Hires with Distinguished Professor Title 2022

MOU on EXL Unclass Stipends 2022

MOU on Searches for Dean of Graduate School 2021

MOA-AAUP-1 pay increase