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February 4, 2020  Communication to members

 As you probably know, our current contract expires on 12/31/2020.  The University of Akron administration recently approached the Chapter to propose the negotiation of a two-year contract this semester. This would not entail a full contract negotiation, and the bulk of the contract would remain the same.
Negotiations will include salary increases, with no change in employee contributions to health insurance or other benefits. A limited set of other contract items identified by chapter members as priorities in the recent survey will also be negotiated, including maternity/paternity leave and the appointment of interim/acting academic administrators.
We have agreed to enter into these negotiations, and our Chief Negotiator, Katie Stoynoff, has formed our Negotiating Team (see below) and three subcommittees to focus on specifics. Initial discussions have been cordial and productive. We are on a very tight timeline, as the goal is to develop a tentative agreement before the end of March, giving time for both sides to vote on the contract in April.
We have already held two listening sessions with members and will schedule more as negotiations proceed.  


We would like to introduce the members of our Negotiations Team. These faculty are performing an invaluable service to the bargaining unit faculty of The University of Akron. If you see them around campus, please thank them for their time and efforts.

Chief Negotiator: Katie Stoynoff – katie.stoynoff@akronaaup.org

Negotiations Consultant: Bill Rich –  rich@akronaaup.org

Negotiations Team Members:

Lynne Pachnowski –  lynn.pachnowski@akronaaup.org

David Prochazka –  david.prochazka@akronaaup.org

Pam Schulze –  pam.schulze@akronaaup.org 

Also on the Negotiating Team, Akron-AAUP’s Legal Counsel, the inestimable Eben “Sandy” O. McNair, Esq. and Jessica Monroe, Esq. of Schwarzwald, McNair and Fusco LLP.

Subcommittee Members

Family Leave:
RTP – Provost Review:
NTT Article:
Lynne Pachnowski Bill Rich David Prochazka
Amanda Weinstein Mark Rittenour Lisa Rhoades
Jim Wallace Russ Davis Sean Kennedy