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Negotiations Updates


New: Contract posted. New: FAQ about the new agreement Feb 22, 2021 TA'ed articles for ratification: Tentative Agreements Toni' …

Your Rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement: Faculty-Created Online Teaching Materials


FAQ: Ownership of Faculty-Created Online Teaching Materials By Bill Rich If I record lectures and put them on WebEx or Brightspace for …

Media Coverage of the Akron-AAUP Survey on Administrative Leadership


Since the Akron-AAUP released its Survey on Administrative Leadership to the public on Friday, August 2, a number of media outlets have post …

Faculty views on administrative leadership and policies 


In March of 2019, Akron-AAUP surveyed Bargaining Unit Faculty for their views on UA’s senior administrative leaders, the state of the Univ …
Akron AAUP

President's Note: Akron-AAUP 2017-2018 School Year in Review


More hands make lighter work: We’ve been busy the past year. I wanted to send an update to you all about some of our activities, and, if y …
Akron AAUP

Taking Collective Action to Defend our Schools


By Ben Ratliffe, Our AAUP Organizer Sometime between today and June, the US Supreme Court decide, in the Janus v. AFSCME case, whether or …
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