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More hands make lighter work:
We’ve been busy the past year. I wanted to send an update to you all about some of our activities, and, if you took part in any of them–thanks! A faculty union relies almost entirely on volunteer labor. Thanks to all of you who pitched in.
This past year, we’ve created a lovely new brochure, thanks in large part to the work of McKenna Vietmeier, Assistant Professor of Instruction in the School of Communication. We’ve been hard work at building a new website under the direction of our Vice President and communications specialist, Julie Cajigas. Thanks, McKenna and Julie!
John Zipp, our Chief Negotiator, has been representing us well this year! We negotiated with the administration over the VRIP program, the RTP and Merit for NTT faculty, prescription benefits, and policy issues such as faculty load for administrative work. The work goes on, and we will keep you updated. Please be sure to thank John when you see him–the Chief Negotiator job is critical, and it is 100% volunteer.

Val Pipps and Russ Davis have been working tirelessly on behalf of the Chapter to represent faculty who have grievances and general concerns that they bring to the Grievance Committee’s attention. Thanks to Russ and Val for all their efforts on behalf of the bargaining unit faculty. When you see Val, wish him a happy retirement, and thank him for his service to the Chapter.
Ira Sasowsky has served as our treasurer since 2011. He is stepping down after 7 years of dedicated service to Akron-AAUP. Please express your appreciation the next time you see him.
Please be sure to thank your colleagues–not just members of the Executive Committee, but members of the Communications Committee, the Faculty Engagement Team, the Liaison Council, and anyone else who has been active in the Chapter for all of the work they’ve been doing on our behalf. The best way to thank them, of course, is to pitch in! In the Fall semester, we’ll provide plenty of opportunities for members to get involved! Look for them, or just get in touch with us if you’d like to help with organizing and outreach to faculty.  Our union is all of us, and its strength comes from the energy of members like you, all playing key roles in trying to steer our university in a better direction.

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