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Dear Colleagues,

Please follow this link for an important message from Akron-AAUP President Pam Schulze. 

This message responds to a personal attack on Pam’s character by a member of the Administration in a letter that was sent to students. We are appalled by these actions, and question the judgement of a Dean who would send such a letter to students.

Additionally, many of you have received communications from your Deans and Chairs exhorting you to vote for contract ratification. In some cases, those communications gave misleading or false information, and seem intended to manipulate and intimidate you. We will be sending a more detailed response to those in the coming days. 

But for now, please know that Chapter members should have received the contract ratification materials for review Monday 20th (if you did not, check your “clutter” folder or contact Akron-AAUP for the ratification materials). Members of this Chapter must review the materials carefully and make up our own minds as to how we should vote. 

None of us should be intimidated or bullied into voting one way or the other.

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