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Akron-AAUP stands behind the statements in its July 29th communication regarding the Administration’s attempts to renege on its promises.

The Administration’s response, issued to faculty yesterday by departmental chairs and deans, contains several false statements.

The University is the one that advised faculty on the RIF list that they would receive the tuition remission benefits via the “Resources and FAQs when Leaving the University” pamphlet it initially sent out.  As far as we are aware, the University is offering this benefit to other laid-off employees without requiring a general release.

Any assertion that the Akron-AAUP agreed at the table that any benefit for laid-off faculty, apart from the severance pay of up to $12,000, was contingent upon signing a release is completely false. The proposed agreement specifically refers to a release being required for the severance pay and for no other benefit. No other provisions require the signing of a release.

The Administration’s conduct is illegal, and the Chapter is filing an unfair labor practice charge to remedy the Administration’s activity.

Additionally, the Chapter is filing a second unfair labor practice today in response to the Administration’s continuing attempts to thwart its members’ rights by publishing false information about negotiations and the proposed agreement. This is an illegal attempt to interfere with, restrain and coerce these members to affect the ratification vote that is occurring through August 5th.

In Solidarity,
The Communications Committee of Akron-AAUP

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