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The Akron-AAUP negotiating team has met several times with representatives of The University of Akron to negotiate the next collective bargaining agreement. Our current agreement expires June 30, 2015. Akron-AAUP has submitted to the University a number of proposals on non-economic issues, and the members of the team are considering the terms of a few counter-proposals received from the University.
Formal talks are likely to be suspended for a brief time, however. Discussions will resume when Akron-AAUP chief negotiator Kevin Kreider is sufficiently recovered from a recent accident to resume his place at the negotiating table. The University has agreed to the delay. Progress, however, has not stopped. Members of various sub-committees will continue to meet to discuss the contract articles with which they have been charged, and the Chapter’s negotiating team will continue to craft language for a number of proposals, including the fundamentally important economic issues of compensation, health care and other benefits.
At present it appears that formal talks will begin again sometime after the middle of May.
We’ll keep you informed about further developments.

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