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Tuesday, March 1, noon – 2 p.m. in SU 312
Wednesday, March 2, noon – 2 p.m. in SU 312

Join us for an emergency all-member chapter meeting to discuss the status of negotiations and the potential for a strike.  These meetings will be held in the Student Union, in room 312. Please choose whichever date works best for your schedule.

We will be discussing the upcoming strike authorization vote, the current status of negotiations, and will answer questions about the need for a strike. These are members-only events, but membership forms will be available at the door. There has never been a better time to become a member of Akron-AAUP than now. The more members who are standing behind us, the better chance we have to secure a fair contract and avoid a strike.
There are a number of extremely important dates you need to be aware of. Here is a tentative timeline that shows the negotiating and fact-finding events occurring over the next few weeks:

March 1 & 2: These two emergency all-member meetings are an opportunity for chapter members to meet with chapter leadership and our negotiating team to discuss the status of negotiations, our imminent strike authorization vote and to discuss next steps. It is critical that members attend in order to be fully informed of the issues.

March 3: Both the administration and the chapter must submit their respective briefs to the Fact-Finder by this date.

March 7 – 11: The strike authorization vote will be conducted electronically, in accordance with Article XII E. of the Constitution of the Akron-AAUP. Only members in good standing may participate in a strike authorization vote.

March 7 & 9: The chapter and the administration present evidence, including sworn witness testimony, to the Fact-Finder

March 11: Both the administration and the chapter must submit their reply briefs to the Fact Finder by this date.

March 14: The results of the strike authorization vote will be published.

March 17 & 18: The fact finding process continues, with meetings of the leadership from both the university administration and the Akron-AAUP present.

March 28 or 29: The Fact Finder will issue his report. Both sides have a maximum of 14 days to accept or reject the report. We anticipate another chapter meeting during this period to communicate with the membership about the report. Sixty percent of the dues paying members must vote against the report for the Akron-AAUP to reject it.  The 7-member Board of Trustees may also reject it with a 60% vote against.

April 11 or 12: The deadline to accept or reject the Fact Finder’s report.  If both sides accept it, we have a new contract.  If either the Akron-AAUP membership or the University administration rejects it, we will most likely have a strike.

At the upcoming emergency meetings we will have buttons available that say “I don’t want to strike but I will.” This is our sentiment, and our message. Always remember – the reason we are even considering a strike is because the administration’s priorities are out of line with the educational mission of the university.


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