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Fear, Divide and Conquer, Keep ’em Guessing. Meet with committees to foster the illusion of employee input and a share of governance. Promise anything, then implement your plans unchanged, unexplained. Answer to no one. And claim that you are acting with “transparency.”
Maybe you’ve put a question to your dean and received this response: “Call me.” Translation: “We commit nothing in writing; We leave no paper trail; We leave nothing to which you can hold us; We are NOT accountable to YOU.”
The solution: A strong system of tenure, strong contracts, a union of diverse faculty absolutely resolute in their determination and commitment to speak up and demand recognition as THE important constituency in an institution of higher education, far more important and of far more vital interest to the futures of our students and our community than the career plans of administrators.
There is no place for fear on a university campus. Not Ever.
Here’s a video of a self-confessed “union-buster.”

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