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Excerpts from an editorial piece in the Akron Beacon Journal by former UA Board member, and retired Summit County Judge, Jane Bond

“The faculty were presented as a problem to be managed never an asset to be cultivated”

“I served as a member of the board of trustees from 2008 to 2012. During those years I observed the complexity and the breadth of the university as an institution serving 26,000 students and employing thousands of people striving to bring the university to a position of strength and educational excellence. So why is there so much turmoil, anxiety and conflict today?
The fiduciary duty of the trustees is to set the overall direction of the institution and to guide the administration and faculty in reaching those goals. Fiscal responsibility comes first and the integrity and mission of the university follow. To do its job the board must have trustees who are independent, willing to challenge the recommendations that come to them and are open to all of the constituent stakeholders. They must not become a captive board that falls victim to “group think.”
This is what I fear has happened at the university and contributed to the situation we now face.”
Read the entire piece HERE on Ohio.com.

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