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From a piece on MOOC’s by Emily Wilson on Alternet.

The Huge Growth of MOOCs Threatens America’s Great Public University System

“I’d love to try something completely different,” she said. “Let’s try making colleges about education rather than administration, and let’s try making them about education rather than making money for banks. Let’s have real, stable full-time jobs and not exploit people. Let’s follow the money. Who’s getting behind the MOOCs are administrators who are making huge amounts of money and the people who run these companies. I will never believe that people who stand to make hundreds of thousands of dollars have the best interests of students at heart.”      — Laurie Essig, Associate Professor of Sociology at Middlebury College
“Patricia McGuire, the president of Trinity University in Washington DC, agrees MOOCs will create two tiers of education: those who can afford it will still go to elite schools where they can meet professors and peers, make connections and have discussions face-to-face about what they are learning, while middle-class and poorer students take MOOCs. She adds that if education were fully funded, there wouldn’t be a need for MOOCs.”
Read the entire piece here on the Alternet web site.

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