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The current collective bargaining agreement between The Akron-AAUP and The University of Akron expires June 30, 2015.
The Akron-AAUP’s Negotiating and Executive Committees have met regularly for the past year in preparation for the next round of contract talks. The negotiating team, Chief Negotiator Kevin Kreider, and Akron-AAUP’s legal counsel have prepared a number of proposals to bring to the table when talks begin. The chapter’s negotiators and the Executive Committee are prepared to begin negotiations immediately.
Our contract requires that negotiations begin not later than 75 days prior to the expiration of the agreement (approximately the middle of April,) and, per the contract, negotiations may begin as early as January 1st. The Chapter has informed the university’s administration of a desire to begin negotiations as soon as possible.
The Akron-AAUP is prepared for and committed to a timely commencement of good-faith bargaining. The negotiating team and legal counsel have prepared a suggested schedule which would allow the entire negotiation process, including ratification votes, to be completed by the end of Spring semester. Though we face some challenging issues the chapter leadership is confident that, given good-faith bargaining on both sides, the new contract can be brought to resolution in a timely fashion.
The administration, consistent with past practice, have indicated an unwillingness to commence formal talks at this time. We have no explanation or rationale for this position to present to you at this time.
The Akron-AAUP is prepared to begin negotiations immediately.

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