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Most of you have by now heard the sad news of the passing of Baffour Takyi, Professor of Sociology. Dr. Takyi was active in the Chapter, recently serving as Departmental Liaison for the Department of Sociology. We extend our deepest sympathies to Dr. Takyi’s family, friends and colleagues at this very difficult time.

John Zipp, Professor of Sociology, former Akron-AAUP President and Chief Negotiator, was a colleague of Dr. Takyi until his retirement from the University in May of this year. “Baffour had an international reputation for his wide-ranging scholarship that focused on race, immigration, health, gender, and religion. He regularly volunteered to teach key courses in areas that the Department needed. He was a profound mentor to students and a warm and generous colleague. Everyone who met Baffour loved him and will never forget him. This is a great loss for the university community, and I send my condolences to his family and friends.”

The faculty of the Department of Sociology have created a memorial page where friends and colleagues can share messages of support and remembrance for Baffour’s family.

Akron-AAUP joins the University community in mourning the loss and honoring the life and career of our esteemed colleague.

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