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Dear Colleagues,

It was great to see so many of you on Friday at our Chapter Meeting! We know that you are used to seeing an update for negotiations at the beginning of the week, but as there have been no negotiations since we sent our piece on open enrollment and healthcare on Friday (please see below for a repost) there will be no update today. However, we do have a couple of ways that you can help our team at the table.

How YOU Can Help Negotiations

Given the increasing safety concerns around public gatherings during the pandemic, rather than asking you to attend rallies and other events, we are inviting you to show unity and support for our Negotiating Team virtually:

1) Please change the backdrop you use for WebEx, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams meetings to the Akron-AAUP backdrop and use it for all of your meetings. You can see the Biology faculty sporting theirs in the screenshot of their meeting with President Miller below (THANK YOU for your support, Biology!). 

2) For large meetings when you are asked to turn off your video cameras (ie. Faculty Senate), here’s a specially configured Akron-AAUP logo to use for your profile pic. 

Thank you in advance for helping our team fight for us at the table!


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