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Once again the call for more online education at the University of Akron is out. For years we’ve heard of a desire by some top administrators to model UA after at least some parts of the University of Phoenix model.
We know the level of esteem the university administration holds for the opinion of university faculty concerning the direction of our university so, rather than exercise ourselves with argument we’ll simply let facts speak for themselves.
Here are facts:
Enrollment: In 2010 The “University” of Phoenix enrolled nearly 600,000 students; In 2015 the number is 227,000. That’s a loss of nearly 373,000 students in just five years.  That’s a 62% decline. Surely, for a state university that seeks to increase revenues by increasing enrollment, this is not the model to emulate.
Campuses: More than 100 UP campuses have closed because of enrollment decline.
Graduation Rate: 16%
Student Debt: Student loan default rate is higher than UP graduation rate.
Where did we get our numbers?  We thought it appropriate to gather data from the redoubtable source our students will surely avail themselves of in an online environment–we went to Wikipedia.
Finally, it’s abundantly clear that state universities are no longer about quality of education, but rather, raising money–money to pay for effectively bankrupt athletic programs, and more money to fund the inexcusable growth of university administrations  with indefensible salaries, and all at the expense of academic instruction. So, we think it’s appropriate to show the data concerning the success of the UP business model.  The University of Phoenix is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Apollo Group. The image below speaks for itself.
From CNN Money
This is the wrong model for The University of Akron.

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