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The Akron-AAUP has been working toward resolution of long-standing uncertainty surrounding how faculty workload is assigned.  The Akron-AAUP Grievance Committee met again with the administration to discuss problems late last month.
We would like to report that the issue is now resolved, but that is not the case.
As we continue to pursue this issue, we ask that the administration remind Chairs and Deans of the following guidelines when assigning workload:
•College lecturers cannot be assigned service or administrative duties, even as volunteers.
•Recognizing that classes sometimes need to be cancelled with very short notice (low enrollment, last-minute staffing changes), Chairs/Directors should make every effort to communicate with the faculty member as soon as possible, and to work with them to find a suitable replacement assignment. This should probably include contingency plans that could be worked out ahead of time.
•If a low-enrollment course is offered, the faculty will receive full load for that class (not load adjusted for low enrollment), per university rule.
•For recently hired faculty, review teaching load agreements set out in a faculty member’s initial letter of offer so that we do our best to help our new colleagues flourish.
•A full load of 12 credit hours per semester includes teaching, research, and service duties as deemed necessary by the administration. Stipends can be used for extra programmatic activities, but assigned time and stipends for the same work are not acceptable.
If you feel these guidelines were NOT followed for your workload assignment, or have another problem with your workload, please contact the AAUP grievance committee (Rich Londraville, londraville@akronaaup.org, or Russ Davis russ.davis@akronaaup.org).

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