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We have a few updates for you:

  • We received a number of questions from you about our communication on Friday 15th. We’ve referred those to our legal counsel and will report back with clarifications as soon as we get them. Thank you for your feedback. 

The retrenchment article is one that no one likes to contemplate. There is no way to retrench that’s not painful. We understand that. We will continue to press the university for data showing that all other options have been exhausted. Academic programs have already been cut over the years. We must see at least as great a sacrifice from the administrative and auxiliary side.  

With your support, we will succeed in protecting our academic mission. We are stronger together.

  • We have heard reports that many of our non-bargaining unit Visiting Professor colleagues are being let go. We are deeply saddened by the loss to the university of these excellent educators and scholars. 
  • Please join us in welcoming our new Grievance Officer! We’re sure Tim Matney  (Professor of Archaeology) is known to most, if not all of you. We thank Tim for being willing to serve the faculty in this vital role. Tim and Bill Rich will comprise our Grievance team, and can be reached at grievance@akronaaup.org.


  • Pam Schulze, Sue Ramlo, and Kate Budd were elected as chapter delegates to the Annual Meeting of the AAUP. We thank them for stepping up to represent us.
  • Reminder: invitations and a schedule have gone out for Akron-AAUP College Town Hall Listening Sessions. Even though there isn’t a lot we can share at this time regarding negotiations, we want to hear from you with your concerns during this challenging time — including specific issues within your college or program. 

In Solidarity,   The Communications Committee of Akron-AAUP

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