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On behalf of Akron-AAUP, I would like to welcome incoming President Gary L. Miller to the University. As the Board of Trustees Chair Joe Gingo noted in his announcement, Dr. Miller is well prepared to take on the challenges that The University of Akron faces. We intend to impress upon him the need to seriously address issues that the faculty has raised repeatedly regarding UA’s senior  leadership. We look forward to working closely with President Miller, and we are confident that he shares our belief in meaningful shared governance.

I join Chair Gingo in praising not only the outcome of the presidential search but also in the effectiveness of having faculty and other campus leaders work together with Trustees on the search committee. I know that I share the sentiments of all the other campus representatives who were part of the process when I say that I hope we continue and expand our collaborations on decisions to advance the university.

In Solidarity,

Pamela Schulze
President, Akron-AAUP



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