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As we begin a new academic year at a time of continuing uncertainty, we would like to update you on what the chapter has been doing on behalf of faculty.

Academic Freedom

Advancing academic freedom is AAUP’s core mission, and it is at the forefront of our chapter’s efforts right now. I’m sure you’re familiar with legislation aimed at censoring faculty speech in the classroom. The implications of these efforts are chilling, and we must stay ahead of it. Vice President John Huss is involved in drafting policy to protect open-inquiry and the free exchange of ideas.

Read more about the potential impact of Ohio House Bills 322 & 327 on your academic freedom on this Action Network page, where you also can sign a petition and easily email your State Representatives to express opposition to the legislation.


We’ve heard concerns from faculty across campus about Covid-19 and what it means for teaching and learning conditions. Understand that we have been in constant communication with the administration to provide our input into Covid-19 policies, including mask and vaccine mandates. We will continue to communicate with the administration regarding this evolving situation. In the meantime, please continue to contact your departmental liaisons as questions and concerns arise.

Shared Governance
In response to our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on shared governance, Faculty Senate formed a new Faculty Senate Ad-hoc Criteria Committee. This is an important step toward realizing the provisions set forth in the MOU, which will, when implemented, give a meaningful role to faculty in program investment and review.

Workload and Overload Pay

Our new Collective Bargaining Agreement now gives us the ability to earn overload pay. The Labor-Management Policy Committee (LMPC) has been meeting regularly to collect existing departmental workload policies (or call for them to be written if they aren’t) in order for the issue of overload to be quantified.

Labor Management Committee
Our Labor Management Committee (LMC), under the leadership of Contract Administrator and Grievance Officer Brian Bagatto and with the support of chapter consultant Bill Rich, continues to work through the remaining grievances related to the Reduction in Force. The LMC remains, as ever, available to hear faculty concerns and issues, and to provide advice regarding our individual and collective rights. As a reminder, any faculty member who believes that they may be disciplined has the right to request a chapter representative accompany them to meetings with the administration. Below is a copy of your Weingarten Rights, which is on the back of every Akron-AAUP membership card.

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