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From The Akron-AAUP Newsletter, May, 21, 2015:
“We agree with President Scarborough that the University may be on an unsustainable path. However, what we see as unsustainable are exorbitant increases in tuition (up 135% between 1999 and 2014) and general fees (up 340%). This increase in fees coupled with an increase in students (up 22% in the same period) produced revenues that in turn funded an increase (up 23%) in staff/administrators. There was, however, essentially no increase in the number of full-time faculty (up less than 1%).  In 2014, as in 1999, there was 1 administrator or staff member for every 12 students, but by 2014, there was only 1 faculty member for every 23 students (rather than the 1:19 figure from 1999).  (Source:  University of Akron IR data.)  Today there are almost twice as many administrators/staff per student than there are full-time faculty. Put simply, today there are more students paying substantially more in tuition and fees, and there are fewer full-time faculty to work with them. This is what is unsustainable.”

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