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Fall 2016 Chapter Meeting


Fall 2016 Chapter Meeting Monday, October 17 at 1 p.m. in Student Union Ballroom B Our fall chapter meeting will be held Monday, October 1 …
Akron AAUP

Akron-AAUP Response to the Appointment of Matthew J. Wilson as Interim President of The University of Akron


The Akron-AAUP extends a warm welcome to Interim President Matthew J. Wilson. Given recent challenges at The University of Akron, Dr. Wilson …
Akron AAUP

Akron-AAUP response to the resignation of President Scott Scarborough


In response to the announcement regarding the resignation of Dr. Scarborough, the Executive Committee of the Akron-AAUP welcomes the opportu …
Akron AAUP

New Collective Bargaining Agreement Signed and Available Online


The much anticipated fourth Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University of Akron administration and the Akron-AAUP, approved by b …
Akron AAUP

Results of the Spring 2016 “Faculty Opinion on the State of the University” Survey


To help address continuing concerns about the actions and future plans of the administration at The University of Akron, the Akron-AAUP has …
Akron AAUP

Final Copy of New Collective Bargaining Agreement is in Preparation


The text of the recently ratified collective bargaining agreement is in the final stages of proofing and formatting.  The document will be …