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We have two essential items for your consideration.

The administration is trying to renege on its promises at the last moment before the vote.

We want you to know about a recent development which has occurred over the last couple of days.  As you know, the Chapter and the Administration have negotiated a severance provision whereby laid off bargaining unit faculty would receive, if the contract is ratified, $1200 for each year of service with the University up to a maximum of $12,000.  In return, the individual will have to sign a general release, releasing all claims the individual might have against the University.  The individual is free to decline this option.  That severance payment and general release is not tied to any other benefit.

Now, the Administration has reneged on its commitment. The University has tied that general release demand to the agreements regarding furloughs for those near age 65 and to tuition fee remission benefits.  

We notified the Administration that it needed to reverse itself by 9:00 a.m. today, or that we would so advise you of their change in position.  The Administration let the deadline pass without a response.

You are so advised. 


A short video by Dr. Rudy Fichtenbaum regarding the University’s finances

We sent a communication yesterday regarding our independent report by Dr. Rudy Fichtenbaum on UA’s true financial picture. We understand there was a lot of information to sift through in that piece, and so we asked Dr. Fichtenbaum to summarize his key points in a very short video. You can watch that here

The Communications Committee of Akron-AAUP


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