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Part-time teaching FAQ for RIF faculty


This page has been updated to reflect agreements in the MOU on Article 15. 1. Do I have a right to first consideration for part-time …
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Spring Chapter Meeting


Members-only meeting: Look for Webex Link from Pam Schulze. …

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement has been posted!


The much anticipated fifth Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University of Akron administration and the Akron-AAUP, ratified by bo …

Liaison Council Meeting


For elected Liaisons only. One of the Liaison Representatives to the EC will send a meeting link via email. …

A Call for Collective Action


Dear Colleagues, As we announced previously, the University of Akron Board of Trustees and the Akron-AAUP membership have voted to ratify o …

Negotiations Updates


New: Contract posted. New: FAQ about the new agreement Feb 22, 2021 TA'ed articles for ratification: Tentative Agreements Toni' …