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A Newspaper Editor Leads a Staff Walkout


Academic freedom issues concern students as well, and generally they are entirely unafraid to do something about it. And they don't even hav …
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Why Online Education Won't Replace College…Yet


Commentary by David Youngberg in The Chronicle of Higher Education Online "When I decided to become a professor, I was comforted by its empl …
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Administrations, Boards of Trustees and Secrecy


The Perils of Secrecy From a story by Jack Stripling posted by the Chronicle of Higher Education online August 16. "What a bruising summer f …
Akron AAUP

It Had To Happen….


We live, teach and our students study in a world where university administrators and state governments increasingly favor corporate models o …
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We're Still Tweaking the New Akron-AAUP Website


There's a learning curve with our new platform.  You can expect a few instances of odd behaviors now and again while we tweak, fiddle and, …
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Why I Paid My Dues: An open letter to my colleagues


This is the text of a letter provided to us by a colleague, now retired, immediately after Akron-AAUP was certified as the faculty represent …