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Scarce resources are being siphoned away from the real purpose of the university: education. It is unconscionable to allow students to accrue massive amounts of debt to pay for the inexorable growth in administrators and administrative salaries.
The Ohio Conference of AAUP (OCAAUP) has produced the 2015 Higher Education Report: The Real Problems Deserve Real Solutions.
The purpose of the report is to influence public policy around higher education issues, especially in light of HB 64, the state budget bill, as well as Gov. Kasich’s Task Force on Affordability and Efficiency.
It is also a response to “solutions” that have been proposed in recent years, such as faculty workload mandates, which fail to address the real problems and excessive costs at our public institutions.
The report does not cover every issue that is worthy of attention and discussion; but the authors, Sara Kilpatrick, OCAAUP Executive Director, and John McNay, President, include the most pressing problems, including the decline of state funding, the excessive costs of administrative bloat, and continued spending on unprofitable athletics programs.
The full report can be found by clicking here.
Coaching salaries have also skyrocketed, ranging from a 25% hike at Wright State, which had the smallest total at $1.94 million, to Akron, up 127% to $5.7 million.

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