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Akron-AAUP is pleased to release a new leaner and cleaner website and associated blog.

We’ve left all the essentials from the old clunker and cleaned out the attic, emptied the basement, stripped the floors and painted the walls.  It’s pretty simplistic; no muss, no fuss. We hope the blog will provide a more efficient way to keep our members and friends informed of goings-on at Akron-AAUP, progress on negotiations (when, if, they begin), and to provide links we think might be of general interest.  It’s a little buggy here and there, but we’ll keep tweaking until we fix it or screw it up real good. We’re now also on Facebook and Twitter. Any web-heads out there with suggestions for how to improve functionality, please do feel free to drop us a line at webmaster@akronaaup.org.

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