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Here are the phone numbers of the representatives involved with this anti-faculty, union-busting language.
Many of you may call these offices over the weekend when no one is there. That is fine. Leave messages. Whether or not someone answers, you can say:
“I’m calling to express my strong opposition to the language in Substitute House Bill 64 that is aimed at taking away collective bargaining rights for faculty. I hope that Representative (their name) will work to remove this language in the House Finance Committee.”
You should also remind Rosenbeger and Smith that SB 5, which this language is uncannilly similar to, was hated by the voters, and was a huge failure.
You might protest how these provisions even ended up in the bill – at the very last minute with NO discussion. Democrats on the Finance committtee were blindsided. It is a wrong process.
Speaker Cliff Rosenberger: (614) 466-3506;
Rep. Ryan Smith: (614) 466-1366;

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