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American Association of University Professors

You have undoubtedly heard or read about a lot of changes that are occurring at The University of Akron. We want to assure you that your paths to a good, marketable degree are secure. No academic programs have been eliminated, and indeed, departments are continuing to propose new courses and programs of study to best meet the changing needs of our students. Our ability to provide you with a high quality education leading to a degree and opportunities for employment has not been diminished.

It has long been the Akron-AAUP’s position that it is the faculty and our staff colleagues who make lifetime commitments to the University. That remains our position today.  But it is also true that there is one group whose loyalty to the University matters even more—that, of course, is you, the students of The University of Akron, without whom there would simply be no reason for the university to exist.

We want to assure you, with all earnestness, that you can remain confident in The University of Akron’s ability to provide you with a high quality education. Your degree programs are intact. You can still feel comfortable recommending The University of Akron to your friends who may be considering the pursuit of a degree. As summer draws to a close your faculty are preparing for the new school year.  We remain, as ever, committed without reservation or hesitation to providing you with the best opportunities for learning, preparation for careers, and the many possibilities for personal development that only a higher education can provide.

President Scarborough and the Board of Trustees have announced their intention to make The University of Akron “a great public institution.” It’s a noble goal, and one worth pursuing. Your faculty believe that it’s the relationship between teacher and student in the classroom that is the true and the key source of the greatness of any educational institution, and to that end we invite, and look forward to welcoming you back to The University of Akron for the coming year.

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